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It is their right for all cats, single or multiple, to have cat climbing frames.

It is their right for all cats, single or multiple, to have cat climbing frames.

When there are kittens at home, there must be an abundance of cat toys, notably cat climbing frames, which are a need for many cat-owning households. However, many owners discover that cats prefer paper boxes and cat scratching posts to cat climbing frames.

It is essential to purchase.

Many individuals believe that cat climbing frames are unnecessary for cats, as tiny toys, such as cat scratching boards and cat teasers, can fulfill their play demands. In addition, cats prefer to be in a higher position; the height of the cat climbing frame can make them feel more secure; and the design of the cat climbing frame allows some areas to be used as a cat litter; therefore, cats require a cat climbing frame that combines play and rest.

The benefits and drawbacks of cat climbing frames.

Since you must get a cat climbing frame for your cat, you must understand the benefits and drawbacks of cat climbing frames.

    1. The advantages of cat climbing frames are actually numerous; compared to ordinary small toys, it is easier to clean, can be used for a long time, meets the diverse needs of cats, and comes in a variety of design styles that do not clash with the overall decorative style of the home when placed inside. Importantly, for working people, the cat climbing structure can occupy the great majority of the cat's time, and little toys can successfully solve the problem of pooper scoopers not having time to accompany the cat.
    1. the disadvantages of the cat climbing frame are also very obvious, that is, if the cat climbing frame is too small, it cannot meet the needs of cats; however, if the cat climbing frame is too large, it will take up a lot of space at home; if the spare area at home is small, the cat climbing frame will be somewhat crowded.

Tips for selecting a cat climbing structure.

Buying a cat climbing frame necessitates a deeper understanding of which one to purchase, as a cat climbing frame that does not fit the demands of cats may be purchased if this aspect is not understood. And in the process of purchase, the first thing to consider is the route design, route design refers to the cat climbing frame up and down the path is not in line with the cat's climbing habits, if not, in the process of cat play is very likely to appear broken feet or stuck, so in order to ensure that the cat experience, the route design to understand in advance, and different cats have different climbing habits, you must use your cat's climbing habits as a guide when selecting a cat climbing frame.

In addition to the route design, the material is also very significant; a solid wood cat climbing structure will be easier to maintain and can be used for a longer period of time, as compared to a surface made of fabric or velvet, which is more vulnerable to formaldehyde. And cat climbing frame fabric material as much as possible to choose jute or sisal, scratch-resistant, extended use period, especially sisal material, compared to the use of paper tubes will be longer, and the cat's experience will be enhanced.

Stability is essential.

The stability of the cat climbing frame directly affects the safety of the cat's play process, so we should have higher requirements for the stability of the cat climbing frame. Typically, when the nest is low, the climbing frame will be more stable and safer than hanging in a high hanging basket or capsule.


The cat climbing frame is a seemingly needless but vital tool for cat-owning households, as it allows cats to express their natural instincts and gives them space to play and rest. There is no need to purchase a range of cat climbing frames; all we need to do is select a design that is most suitable for our cats. However, you must pay more attention to the cat's habits and the material choices when purchasing a cat climbing frame.

Cats are naturally inclined to climb and jump, regardless of their number. Simple cat toys and scratching posts are insufficient to fulfill the feline appetite. They are felines with cheetah-like jumping and climbing abilities. The owners cannot make them more active by lowering their activities, as this would cause them to gain weight and lose their innate capacity to be small hunters.

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