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Feline Herpesvirus Hazards - Nebulizer Tools (2)

Feline Herpesvirus Hazards - Nebulizer Tools (2)

In our last post, we discussed the origins and hazards of feline herpes virus.

In this post, we will provide cat owners with a straightforward home treatment approach for feline herpes virus upper respiratory tract infections.

Byamio claims that all you need to meet the standards for at-home therapy is a syringe and the Byamio Pet Nebulizer.

Maomao, Byamio's cat, has been sneezing nonstop all night, with a thick, clumpy runny nose and watery eyes.

The treatment has been effective at home every day since utilizing the Byamio Pet Nebulizer for upper respiratory tract infections, although it takes a long time to maintain.

What is an upper respiratory infection (URI) in cats?

In humans, URI is similar to a regular cold. It is very frequent in places where there are a lot of cats, such as animal shelters. URI is rarely fatal and normally clears itself in one to three weeks. Supportive care is generally included in treatment. Furthermore, antibiotics are sometimes used to treat potential bacterial infections. While secondary bacterial infections might exacerbate the situation, the fundamental cause is frequently a viral illness. Antibiotics cannot treat viral infections; similarly to the common cold, there is no entirely effective treatment. P:As with a typical cold, the only truly effective treatment is time and enabling the cat's natural immune system to recuperate.

What are the signs and symptoms of URI?

  1. Snot, whether clear or colored (runny nose)
  2. Sneezing
  3. Conjunctival redness and inflammation (inner lining of the eye)
  4. Fever, lethargy, and appetite loss

Symptoms of Maomao's herpes virus infection

Maomao has feline viral rhinotracheitis, which sounds terrifying (FVR). FVR, also known as feline herpes virus or feline herpes, is a chronic condition, meaning Maomao will always have the virus in his system. When the virus's immune system weakens, it can resurface (for example, when it is stressed and it does not sleep enough - in fact, cats, like humans, are prone to poor resistance whenever they are stressed and do not sleep well, only cats are more vulnerable than humans).

During the episode, Maomao exhibits typical cold symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes. Furthermore, the disorder produces clouded vision, making his eyes appear foggy to others. That's the bad news, but it's not entirely negative. In reality, Maomao has a lot of positive news. He enjoys being close to me, lovingly stroking his little head against my palm every day, and he is also energetic, enjoying chasing and fighting with Olige, who is bigger than him, except that Maomao becomes fatigued and asthmatic more readily owing to upper respiratory illnesses.

Cats with feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR) or feline herpes are given nutrients on a daily basis, as well as a nebulizer and eye drops during episodes.

What can I do to make my cat feel better?

When you have a cold, what makes you feel better?

  1. A nice, calm, and relaxing environment.
  2. Chicken soup, orange juice, and careful attention Your cat requires the same items as you, but with a slight modification to meet the needs of felines!
  3. Check to see if your cat is eating. When cats have a congested nose, they can't smell food and may refuse to eat. Canned food, canned chicken, canned tuna or salmon, or meat-flavored baby food are all options.
  4. If there is discharge from the cat's eyes or nose, gently clean it with a soft towel dampened with warm water.
  5. Nebulization and Coupage can also be conducted on our cats if the conditions are favorable.
  6. Cats can benefit from the nebulization inhalation approach and the Coupage technique.

What exactly is nebulization?

The introduction of a thin mist to the lungs is known as nebulization. In rare situations, this thin mist may be made entirely of saline or water. Saline or water moistens the lungs, which can aid in the loosening of secretions. In other circumstances, nebulization may be utilized to directly deliver drugs to lung tissue. Anti-inflammatory treatments (such as steroids, which are used to treat allergic airway disease), bronchodilators (which increase the diameter of the airway, allowing air to travel more freely through the lungs), and antibiotics are common nebulized pharmaceuticals (used in cases of infection).

What exactly is Coupage?

Coupage is a procedure that veterinary workers and pet owners can use to assist remove secretions from the lungs. Coupage is accomplished by tapping the chest lightly yet strongly with a cupped palm. This motion helps to release secretions lodged in the lower airways, allowing coughing to eliminate them more effectively.

When should nebulized inhalation and the Coupage method be used?

In pets with a variety of respiratory illnesses, nebulized inhalation and the Coupage method can be employed. Nebulization can be used to administer a range of drugs to the lungs in situations of infection, allergic lung disease, or other lung illnesses such as smoke inhalation. Nebulization is frequently advised for cats and dogs suffering from pneumonia or bronchitis. Secretions formed as a result of these diseases can prevent oxygen from reaching the lower airways and entering the circulation. Grooming can aid in the removal of lungs secretions by loosening them and allowing them to be coughed up more effectively.

What is the best way to nebulize my cat?

Depending on your cat's demands, nebulizer therapy can take numerous forms.

In such situations, your veterinarian may advise you to use steam nebulization. This is used to raise the humidity in your cat's lungs, allowing it to discharge secretions more effectively. Close the door, close any windows, and switch off any ventilation fans before taking a hot shower - hot enough to fill your bathroom with steam. Allow your cat to stay in the bathroom for 10-15 minutes after it has filled with steam to breathe in the moisture-laden air. Depending on your veterinarian's instructions, you may do this once a day or more. Coupage can be be performed following steam nebulization if recommended by your veterinarian.

In some situations, your veterinarian may advise you to use a nebulizer to deliver the aerosolized medication to your cat's lungs. Water and medication are added to the machine in the amounts specified, and the equipment is utilized to give the aerosolized drug to your cat for respiration. On a regular basis, your cat will take a certain number of nebulizer breaths. The machine must be switched off and cleaned after each usage.

How do I groom my cat?

First, set your cat on a table or somewhere high enough that you have easy access to its chest. Next, use your hand to pat the side of your cat's chest. Do one side at a time with one hand. A tiny amount of air should remain between your palm and the side of your cat's chest when you slap it; your palm should not be flat against the body wall. This collision should produce a drum-like sound. The impact should be strong enough to dislodge any trapped fluid deep in the lungs, but not so hard that the cat feels pain or discomfort. Tap on each chest area on both sides of the body as you work your way around the cat's entire chest.

"The impact should be strong enough to dislodge any trapped fluid deep in the lungs, but not so hard that the cat feels pain or discomfort."

This should only take a few moments. Encourage your cat to get up and walk around after Coupage, as this will cause coughing and assist your cat bring up the loosened secretions.

Follow your veterinarian's advice regarding the frequency of Coupage. Coupage should also not be conducted shortly after eating; it should be performed at least one to two hours later.

This page discusses how to nebulize in further detail.

When it comes to nebulization, a nebulizer is unavoidable; however, when you hear about a nebulizer, do you assume that it can only be done in a hospital and that it must be a very large machine, and that if you buy such a large nebulizer at home, it does not take up much space? With today's technology, the nebulizer has been reduced to a very small size; imagine being able to grasp it in the palm of an adult's hand, and you won't be surprised!

Yes, Byamio's pet atomizer has accomplished this feat.

What exactly is a nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a medical device that converts a liquid into an inhalable mist. Nebulizers exist in a variety of sizes, but when you have a cat at home, a small handheld nebulizer is frequently the ideal option.

What nebulizer types and principles are available?

    • Ultrasonic nebulizer operation: the use of ultrasonic waves will be liquid atomization, liquid atomization will be uniformly dispersed into the air, most particles can only be deposited in the mouth, throat, and other upper respiratory tract, the amount of entry and deposition in the lungs is very small, for small respiratory tract.
    • A compressed nebulizer is based on the venturi injection principle, which is the use of compressed air through a small tube mouth to form a high-speed airflow, with the resulting negative pressure driving the liquid or other fluids sprayed together to the barrier, in the high-speed impact to the surrounding splash so that droplets into mist particles from the outlet tube. The volume of aerosol inhaled during the same treatment period is adequate and less likely to result in hypoxia and choking. Because nebulized particles are finer, they can reach deeper into the lower respiratory tract for treatment. And it is difficult to collide and combine, decreasing drug waste, and is currently commonly utilized in hospitals.
    • Net type nebulizer operation: the medicinal solution is extruded through the pores of the nozzle type net type spray head via the up and down vibration of the vibrator, spraying using the tiny ultrasonic vibration and the structure of the net type spray head. Its compact size makes it easy to transport and use, and it is absolutely silent when in operation. The mesh spray head, which is an important accessory, must be sterilized by boiling after each nebulizer inhalation treatment to avoid plugging the micropores and compromising the nebulization effect.

Byamio pet nebulizer is an ultrasonic nebulizer with a tiny size, quiet operation, good nebulizing effect, Type C fast charging, and interchangeable masks.

The distinction between a nebulizer and a humidifier

Humidifiers are frequently seen in our family lives, but many people do not understand the atomizer. In truth, the atomizer and humidifier, whether from the cause or from their spray out of the fog, are similar, so they are frequently mistaken.

Few people understand the distinction between humidifiers and atomizers. Byamio, for example, believes that a humidifier is a type of humidifier. I believe a humidifier can be used to simulate the impact of a nebulizer. It is not correct.

Nebulizer and humidifier can be used interchangeably, for example, an ultrasonic nebulizer can also be used as a humidifier, but the humidifier can only be used for humidification and not as a nebulizer. A nebulizer is a medical device that is used to perform drug nebulization; a humidifier cannot replace a nebulizer to perform drug nebulization.

What kind of liquid will be injected into the nebulizer?

In mild situations, only sterile saline should be used for nebulizer therapy. Sterile saline contains 0.9% sodium chloride and can be administered in the form of a bag, container, or even a pre-filled syringe or tube. Draw the required amount of saline or other medication with one of the syringes specified above, add it to the nebulizer, and safely treat your kitten 2-3 times each day.

Every pet owner should have saline on hand in case of an emergency (there are many more applications for saline that will be discussed later in this article)!

For nebulizer treatments, only use sterile saline, not homemade saline, tap water, or bottled water.

In somewhat more severe cases, your veterinarian may decide to treat your kitten with prescription inhalation drugs, which can be mixed in small doses with sterile saline. Albuterol, acetylcysteine, and gentamicin can be added to the saline alone or in combination. It is critical to follow your veterinarian's recommendations regarding proper administration and storage of these medications, as well as to utilize prescription medications only as directed by your veterinarian.

Byamio has several formulas for its own usage, but the amount of medication should be less than the formula and not more than the formula. The formulas' doses are as follows:


1ml lincomycin + 12ml saline

Cases of extreme severity:

0.1ml Gentamicin+0.1-0.2ml Kanamycin+15ml Saline

Cases that are particularly severe:

Dexamethasone 0.5ml, Gentamicin 1ml, Saline 15ml

How do you fog?

Put the cat in a suitable size for her, breathable, non-completely sealed box. Here, we can recommend the use of a Byamio pet dryer, which can be used to dry pets (we will later push a pet dryer to Byamio partners), but also allows our cats and dogs to nebulize the container, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Byamio will feed the pet warm food after the nebulization because their nose is the most open at this time and they can smell the food, so make some chicken and chicken soup for them.

What can cat owners do?

Maintain Your Cool

Cats are extremely observant and can detect human energy. If your cat notices you are nervous around the machine, it may believe something is wrong and become timid. It is more probable that you will accept treatment if you remain relaxed and peaceful.

Examine your alternatives

Does your cat flee every time you turn on your vacuum cleaner? If this is the case, a noisy tabletop nebulizer may not be the best option. P:Ultrasonic nebulizers, on the other hand, are virtually silent and can be used on even the most fearful cats.

Selecting the Best Soft Mask

The most effective way to give your cat nebulized medication is to use a soft pediatric nebulizer mask; this will prevent drug waste and save you money. However, unless you happen to have a laid-back cat, this can be a formula for disaster. A easier method is to place your tiger cat in a box or carrier, position the muzzle so that it faces the enclosure, and cover it with a sheet or towel. This allows your cat to inhale the drug with less force.

Allow for some breathing room.

Resist the urge to offer your cat an apologetic hug after she has been medication. Allow her to run away to relieve stress, and then reward her with stroking and treats after she has calmed down.

When should I call the hospital and request veterinarian care?

  1. Not eating for at least 24 hours.
  2. Nose or ocular discharge that is green or yellow
  3. Breathing difficulties, particularly panting or open-mouth breathing
  4. Cat that is depressed or unresponsive: A minor decrease in activity is normal, but if the cat is significantly less active than usual, contact the shelter.
  5. Vomiting or diarrhea that lasts more than 24 hours
  6. After a week of supportive home care, there was little to no change.

How will I know when my kitten has recovered?

  1. All of the cat's meds have been finished.
  2. The cat has been symptom-free for 5 to 7 days. There is no sneezing, running eyes, or a runny nose.
  3. The cat eats on a regular basis and its activity level is normal.


In general, based on the severity of the cat's medicine selection, formula 1 is recommended; in severe circumstances, formulas 2 and 3 are indicated. There are numerous nebulized formulae available online, but it is crucial to remember that the more medications cats and dogs use, the higher the strain on their bodies. As a result, as little nebulization as possible is advised.

Please ask your veterinarian if you are unsure about how much medication to use per treatment or which route of administration is best for your cat. The drug and dosage should be determined by your veterinarian's diagnosis.

Overdosing can harm your pet's kidneys.


Using a nebulizer on your cat does not have to be a painful experience for both cats and humans. Following these instructions should result in healthy, pleasant purring rather than meowing and hissing.

If your cat's condition does not improve within 3-5 days, or if it is worse than what the hospital vet sees, schedule a checkup.

If your cat, dog, or other pet develops a lower respiratory infection, does not improve, or worsens in a short amount of time after using Byamio's Pet Nebulizer, please see your doctor immediately and do the correct thing at your doctor's advice to keep our cats and dogs healthy.

It is critical to note that: Make an appointment for your cat or child to be examined by a hospital veterinarian. They will not improve simply because they are being treated. It is critical to keep a close eye on their food habits, energy levels, and symptoms.

It is critical to keep track of your food patterns, energy levels, and symptoms. Please bring them to if you are concerned. Please bring them to the hospital for assessment.

Byamio Mission

Every Byamio product is created with the purpose of analyzing the requirements of each cat, dog, or other pet owner.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for pet owners, please use the form below to send Byamio a note and provide us with your essential feedback.

By enhancing Byamio's goods, pet owners will have less to worry about and their pets will be healthier for less money.

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